Rogue Male

Stepping out of Kew Bridge station this morning, I was hoping that I’d see empty roads and have a bit of breathable air for the walk to work. After all, if the news this morning was anything to go by, every car in the South East had been transformed into a useless hunk of metal by the rogue batch of petrol that was rampaging through the supermarket forecourts of the land, driven over the edge of reason by the death of the rest of its herd at the hands of poachers*. Sadly, Kew Bridge was as choked and as fume-ridden as ever. Still, if it’s even one tenth as bad as the more excitable news reports were making out, at least Tesco has shown that they really are serious about cutting carbon emissions. They must have hit their targets for 2007 already.

*This may just be elephants


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