World of Traincraft

SouthWest Trains continues to live in a fantasy world where the 17:41 from Kew Bridge is an eight-car train. Its computer says it’s an eight car train, the announcements say it’s an eight car train, it’s just the pesky boring old analogue train that persists in being four cars long (just like all those trains that are ‘on time’ long after their appointed hour for arrival has come and gone without the actual train coming or going).

I wonder if it’s very cynical of me to ask whether, when the time of reckoning comes and the franchise is weighed up in the balance, it’s the real numbers, or the computer-generated fantasy ones, that get used in the statistics?


11 responses to “World of Traincraft

  1. Somewhere, in a parallel universe, those other four cars are trailing on behind…..

  2. … yeah, but full of orcs or something

  3. Here’s hoping they never DO appear, in that case …

  4. Ah but what a blog that would be

  5. Sorry chaotic – I think you left a comment and then I deleted it by mistake because I got inundated by spam comments last night …gah. spammers

  6. I’m wondering what species the train driver is now. Dark elf? Orc? I think probably Orc, the same as the guards.

  7. Hmm, are orcs generally a bit chubby and a bit jolly with very loud whistles? In which case, the guards are definitely all orcs, but I was imagining something a bit scarier.

  8. No Worries. I just thought your day can’t have been as bad as this.

  9. Wow. Bulls on the platform would be even worse than orcs…

  10. We had a horse on the platform once at Dorking West – it tried to get on the train too LOL. We also ran over a cow near Betchworth. Does that count?

    FGW train crew are definitely orcs, of the Mordor kind

  11. you’d think they know by now, no horses on the train in peak hours, and then only in the special horse carriages … you do have special horse carriages on the rural trains don’t you?

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