More Portents?

So there I was this morning, cycling along, feeling full of That Friday Feeling*, when I heard a whirring noise and a cyclist overtook me. This in itself is not that unusual as I cycle at a speed that can best be described as meditative, but – for the first time ever while cycling in London – he also said ‘Hello’ as he whizzed past. Hmm. I’m not sure what I think of that one. On the one hand, I’m all for camaraderie among the beleaguered minorities on the road. On the other hand, if I stop concentrating for a minute while cycling I’m likely to disappear in to one of Lambeth’s speed-potholes and never be seen again.

And in related news, I was cycling up past the nightclubs again this morning when I saw, once more, that the cars were double parked outside and the hoodies were gathered, blocking my route. Oh dear, I thought, preparing to hop up onto the pavement rather than risk a confrontation. Whereupon one of the blingiest and most behooded of the young men got into his car and moved it out of my way with a cheery wave.

Youth. There’s just no consistency.

*Exhaustion, since you ask


7 responses to “More Portents?

  1. These Fridays keep coming around far too quickly! Have a good weekend.

    Any chance you can stop by BookBuffs and join in the fun!

  2. Many thanks for your fine choices. You, and they, will be mentioned as promised!

  3. I know what you mean. Things are not how they used to be. Place is going to the dogs, I tell you. I mean, there used to be LOTS to complain about and now the disgruntlement has turned into only pleasant surprise – I mean how do they suspect people to keep a blog when they keep being curteous rather tha good old fashioned curt?

    Actually, my Gorgeous Landlord often says ‘hello’ to people he passes. He feels it’s rude not to acknowledge them. He also doesn’t want them to jump out of their skin and end up in a ditch so the ‘hello’ is supposed to be some sort of advance warning of impending overtaking by speed’y cyclist.

    It’s quite nice when we nod and ‘hello’ the cyclists coming the other way. I lost count of how many times we said ‘bonjour’ when we cycled in France. We even said BON JOUR!!!! to some kiddo on a moped who got in the way and nearly had us flying over our handlebars. It wasn;t the politest of greeting but we didn’t know the French for “Oi!”

  4. I think the French for Oi is ‘oi’. It’s the international language of irritation…

  5. Wow, in London…??

    Maybe you’ve got a not-so secret admirer??

  6. He didn’t exactly hang around, if so…

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