Confused? You Will Be

I thought for one horrible moment this evening that I was going to have to say something nice about SouthWest Trains. I got to the station in time for the 5:41 which is generally one of the dreaded four car trains. But what was this? Sense had apparently been seen. The idea of running a longer train throughout peak hours had finally dawned on SWT. The misinformation boards were telling us it was an eight car train, and passengers were spread out along the length of the platform in anticipation. The train was announced, all eight cars of it, and the train chuffed round the corner bang on time. Everything was in place for a comfortable and punctual journey home.

Everything, (and stop me if you’ve heard this one before) but four of the eight carriages.

One headlong sprint up the platform later I was crammed into the remaining half of the train, in one of the last remaining seats (it helps if you’re the person who’s prepared to glare pointedly at the guy with the bag on the seat until he does actually move it) wedged in between two chaps giving a masterclass in CV preparation (apparently, your bullet points should each consist of an action, and then a result acheived for each action), and the people in the aisles. And at Clapham Junction, just in case any further confusion was needed, SWT woman decided to announce that we were now going back to Hounslow, in what was perhaps a cunning move to ease congestion by panicking people off the train. Needless to say, it didn’t work.

I do, on the other hand, now have a very spiffy CV.


4 responses to “Confused? You Will Be

  1. What _is_ it with people who use the seats for bags when it’s packed to the rafters?!? That is one of my pet peeves, that and queue jumpers grrr! Today I got a busy Virgin train and made a point to sit next to the bag-in-seat-lady who thought she would be clever and disguise the free seat by putting her magazine and doodads on the flip down tray. I must have put on my “I’m a hardened commuter don’t f**k with me” face cos she moved it pretty quickly.

    You know what else I don’t like… people who… actually I’ll hush now. Can you tell I had a terrible day today?!?

  2. That would be actually quite funny, if it wasn’t true.

  3. Michelle – hush now, it’s Friday, the week’s over …

    Lilo – are you saying my blog isn’t funny or that it isn’t true? Hmm?

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