We have Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

So I was cycling to work this morning and I was in no mood to be delayed. This was mainly because I was under what I can only describe as my own personal raincloud (no metaphor, this, but an actual rain cloud that started raining gradually and imperceptibly as I set off and then built up via drizzle all the way up to steady soaking rain before tailing off just as I reached the cover of the underpass. Maximum effect for minimum expenditure of water – a big thanks due there to whoever it is up there who implements Sod’s Law, Weather Department).

Anyway, I wasn’t best pleased as I cycled down past the viaduct to see that outside one of the night clubs people were still spilling out and the cars waiting for them were double-parked, effectively blocking the road. Normally I’d have a sarcastic remark to pass about that, even if under my breath, or at least a dismissive gesture as I squeezed my way past. But hmmm. South London Nightclub. Flash, tinted window cars. Young men lounging around in hooded sweatshirts and sunglasses and rather too much bling. I try and take much of the mass-hysteria about gun crime in the media these days with a pinch of salt (anybody else notice that in the round up of London’s Gun Crime Crisis over the weekend some of the papers had chucked in a few killings from Nottingham and Manchester just to make up the numbers?) but even so. There are times when one is advised to be flipping people off of a morning, and there are times when one is not. So I discovered that, oh look, I could just squeeze through the gap they had left me if I tried hard enough. And cycled safely off to live to blog another day…


3 responses to “We have Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

  1. I think you made a pretty good call there, commuter! And yeah, I noticed the other cities listed. There are guns everywhere though, we had a drive by execution of a drug dealer here last year, and this is hicksville, I think once this cycle involving whatever gangs it is is broken, it’ll be back to the status quo!

  2. Though if you are going to do it, after a hard night out their aim is probably at its worst.

  3. Pete – apparently the problem is they’ve locked up all the proper grown up drug dealers, and now it’s the young reckless drug dealers who are battling it out on the streets. Or something.

    Moobs – true. But would you take the risk? Sometimes it’s better not to be wearing the old hi-vis jacket …

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