Hello and Welcome Again…

… to the blog that gets results*. A few days ago I mentioned that there was nowhere to buy tickets at Kew Bridge station. This is a bit worrying because the annoying new woman announcer has recently taken to declaiming, in the sort of school-marmish patronising tones that train companies like to use to address their customers these days, that ‘You must buy a ticket before you get on one of our trains. If you don’t have a ticket you may have to pay a penalty fare’ (and that last bit is said with such upbeat glee, she makes it sound as though paying a penalty fare is the sort of thing kids grow up dreaming they may one day do, like competing in the olympics or buying a peerage). But that couldn’t apply to passengers from Kew: no ticket office, no ticket machine, not even a permit to travel machine – anyone travelling between Kew Bridge and one of the other small stations would have to be really quite unlucky to even be able to pay for their travel, let alone have the chance of paying a penalty fare.

But all that has now changed, such is the power of this blog. The mysterious blue monolith that appeared on the platform of Kew Bridge station a few months ago and has done nothing since but sit there inscrutably, possibly humming to itself, has been transformed. Last night it revealed itself as a shiny new ticket machine, and it has been doing brisk business ever since. This, it seems, is all part of a new era for SouthWest Trains, one in which penalty fares will no doubt play a large part. But for how long? For Kew Bridge is an unmanned station, and there’s not much that’s breakable or shiny left on either platform that hasn’t been smashed up or vandalised at one time or another. How long do you think a whizzy new ticket machine taking cash is going to last? I give it three weeks …

* Still working on world peace, though


2 responses to “Hello and Welcome Again…

  1. 3 weeks, I wouldn’t even give that long, maybe the middle of next week.

  2. ‘Monolith watch’ starts tomorrow…

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