There’s No Business Like Snow Business

So, who’s looking forward to the impending snow-related-travel-chaos caused by the most widely anticipated blizzard* to ever threaten to deposit 2cm of snow on the South-East of the country? Me for one, if only because it will give me an excuse not to ride my bike for a day or two – the sensation of sitting down on a bike saddle from which I had only just scraped a thick layer of ice has to rank as one of the most unpleasant I’ve ever experienced. And my fingers could do with a break too – if the cold continues I’m going to have to start writing this blog with a pencil strapped to my forehead.

But never let it be said that our glorious train companies are not prepared this time, at least if SouthWest Trains is anything to go by. For indeed, they’ve taken heed of the warnings, and they’ve taken prompt and decisive action to anticipate and alleviate the inevitable disruption: they’ve Put Up Signs. Warning us there might be chaos. And suggesting we check before we travel. So that’s all right then.

Me, I’ll be prepared as well. I’ll pack up my camera and my gloves and a good book and if necessary I’ll pass the time at Vauxhall building myself a snowman. Then again, it could just all be a false alarm – and I for one will actually be quite disappointed.

* American readers – you may stop laughing now


6 responses to “There’s No Business Like Snow Business

  1. You are not by any chance related to a “disgruntled motorist” I have been hearing about so much today? You need to wahtch out, you might get a call from the National Domestic Extremism Unit. Hmm. NDEU – anagrams anybody?

  2. No, and I haven’t been parcel-bombing anybody (whatever the comment-thread on tailgating might suggest…)

    Disgruntled I might be, but motorist I’m not at the moment, so I think I’m safe.

  3. I work in the public transport industry. And have 2 trips between midlands and London to do. And commute myself, on rush hour M6. Well, I’ll try… I expect mass chaos tomorrow.

  4. Well, its gone midnight and no sign of the snow in my neck of the woods (Zone 2). Good luck tomorrow. Personally, if I wake up to a blanket of the white stuff I am going to ignore the train, walk into Greenwich and get the boat. Takes twice as long as my normal commute, but I suspect it will be much faster and much more comfortable than an apres blizzard train journey. That said since its been over hyped and the train companies [claim they] are ready for it so I bet you it just ends up being a day of freezing cold rain.

  5. well everything has ground to a halt, as expected! kids off school, the works! i was called at 6.30 this morning by the headteacher of the school of which i’m head of governors to be told that the school wasn’t opening. thanks a bunch.

  6. Nik – hope things went OK – good luck

    MC – oh yes, it snowed. (which I suppose is what freezing cold rain is, at the end of the day)

    Muthas – it’s a shame that the school whose kids decided to bring their snowballs onto the train this morning didn’t make the same decision…

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