The Light at the End of the Tunnel

There was a strange and unfamiliar substance in the air this morning when I went out to cycle to the station. On closer inspection, this turned out to be daylight. It’s always nice to have a bit of reassurance that, gloomy as February is, the trends are largely positive and winter won’t last for ever. So this almost compensated for the fact that the air during my journey home this evening was largely filled with icy needles of rain. But not quite.


6 responses to “The Light at the End of the Tunnel

  1. As I waited for my tube train today a cheery voice announced that as a result of a “passenger under a train” there was no service in Euston. When did they stop using the euphemism “passenger incident”? This brisk new honesty has a way of taking the shine off one’s day.

    Spamtrp: urant – seems a bit harsh

  2. Wasn’t it always ‘passenger action’? ‘Incident’ was reserved for things where it was the train co’s fault, like the Paddington rail crash.

    Was it a pre-recorded announcement or freestyle? It’s nice to know they’re keeping chipper under the circs.

  3. “atria” the spam thing says – an actual word!

    Bearing no relation to the post, but still…

  4. Spam thing is bombarding me with words now..

    Today – a place “Echt”. Trust me, it’s a real place in Aberdeenshire.

  5. Does this mean it can advertise itself as the echt Echt?

  6. As opposed to Dunecht? Maybe…

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