Day Off or Off Day…

… You decide

 I forgot to mention in all the tailgating excitement of yesterday that I was having this Friday off. Still, rather than leave you all bereft, I’ve been putting together a review of last year’s least bad posts for your delectation.



4 responses to “Day Off or Off Day…

  1. Its just got to be “A Little Less Conversation” which had me in hysterics as I was reminded of all the times I was forced to become very interested in anything other than the person begging

  2. most invigorating! i particularly enjoyed rubber ducky. but i’m aghast to discover that i’ve been wearing my scarf all wrong! i feel such a fool!

  3. Model Commuter – it always helps when you’ve got someone else to write the dialogue

    Mad Muthas – shame on you. You’re not a bit French or anything, are you?

  4. no – not even a bit. although i did work there for a time. i’m afraid there are no extenuating circumstances at all. i shall mend my ways at once.

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