Get a Horse

Top fashion tips for travellers on the London Underground:

Cowboy hat: Not strictly acceptable but you may get away with it if you’re, you know, foreign

Cowboy hat and cowboy boots: Pushing it, verging on the OTT, but better than, say, a fur coat

Cowboy hat, cowboy boots and actual spurs: Too much.

You never have a camera with you when you need it, do you?


5 responses to “Get a Horse

  1. SPURS?!!?! oh wow. Crazy.

  2. I used to see a ‘cowboy’ who did deliveries to local pet shops. He always wore all the gear except spurs. Mind you that’s not surprising as he used to drive a Transit van!

  3. Pete – Crazy indeed. Fortunately this wasn’t during rush hour.

    Flighty – yeah, your average Transit van doesn’t respond well to the spurs. A light touch on the reins and a firm seat is all that’s required…

  4. In bad weather he’d be wearing leather chaps, a wide brimmed stetson and a duster coat. With long dirty blonde hair and a full ‘tash he always looked like he’d wondered off the film set of a spaghetti western.

  5. laughing and pointing is a fine substitute for a camera. hope his spurs got caught on the escalator.

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