Lost, Stolen or Strayed

Woo hoo! SouthWest Trains have recorded a new announcement to amuse us while we stand on the platform at Kew Bridge, awaiting our fate or the 17:41, whichever arrives sooner.  ‘Pickpockets are known to operate at this station,’ it warns us, and – after the standard exhortations to keep all our belongings with us at all times – goes on to suggest we should be extra vigilant ‘when using the telephones, or while waiting to buy a ticket’ Well, you’d be waiting a long time to buy a ticket at Kew Bridge, because there’s nowhere to buy one. Nor, indeed, are there any telephones.

Perhaps they’ve all been stolen?


4 responses to “Lost, Stolen or Strayed

  1. The more I hear about Kew Bridge station, the less I understand; it’s like an expanding bubble of uncertainty in my mind.

  2. I had a debate with an inspector at our station the other day about new ticket machines, and he insisted that they would indeed be pinched and thats why they have the old gargantuan things. Then I got to the platform and just missed the train because of that conversation. Typical.

  3. Menace – you wait until I blog about the mysterious monolith

    Pete – you northerners will pinch anything that isn’t nailed down…

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