Time Travel

Recently I’ve managed to kick my habit of cycling on the pavement. It was only on a tiny part of my daily route – from the pedestrian crossing to the park gates – and I persuaded myself that it was okay because I was always very considerate to pedestrians, unlike other cyclists, and besides there ought to be a cycle lane there anyway, and besides I’m in a hurry. But then I realised my excuses sounded just like those excuses of the car drivers who think it’s okay for them to speed (But I’m a very experienced driver, unlike the other drivers, and the speed limits are ridiculously low and besides, I’m in a hurry). I still think the whole cycle lane system round Vauxhall was designed by the same sadist who set the light timings so we have to choose between death and missing our trains, but I am being good and cycling only on the designated cycling bit of the pavement and down a side road, instead of straight to the park. I still get the odd dirty look from pedestrians who, curiously enough, haven’t noticed the tiny little round signs set at knee height letting them know that they’re on a joint pedestrian and bike lane, but those just bounce off the glowing aura of smugness that has settled around me as I go on my blameless way.

The sad thing is, this new route takes me past the back door of one of the clubs that fill the spaces underneath the arches of the railway line. There I am, at 7:30 in the morning, stone cold sober, with the whole working day stretching out in front of me, pedalling through the sleet and rain. And there are the revellers issuing out of the back door in a cloud of thumping bass and exotic-smelling smoke, for whom it is still merely some way into the night before. This is particularly painful on a Monday morning, when I realise that for them it’s still the weekend. And probably always will be…


6 responses to “Time Travel

  1. Yes, they’ll never know the joys of the commute tho! Oh, I see…

  2. It is, rather, they’ll never know what they’re missing

  3. ops – sorry forgot to add my details to the above.

    Get yourself on Twitter – go on, you know you want to!

  4. Nooo … Twitter is the crack cocaine of blogging… you know it.

  5. I’ve not managed to get Twitter working from my phone.

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