I’d Rather Go Naked…

A woman got onto my train yesterday evening in a fur coat. A three-quarter length, definitely real, fox-fur coat that looked as though it would have been nicer when it was on the foxes. On a train. In England. Am I the only person who is shocked by this? When did it become socially acceptable to wear fur in this country? Sure, it was the day of the snow but we’re talking half an inch in London, not some three-day whiteout blizzard in Moscow. English weather very rarely throws up the sort of conditions that a raincoat and a woolly jumper can’t cope with. It certainly never calls for fur.

And – to be clear here – I’m not really talking the morality of it, or not exactly. She does, legally, have the perfect right to wear anything that isn’t endangered. Or indecent. Or leggings*. And we have the perfect right to be offended. For what surprised me was that nobody else batted an eyelid. There were no crowds of children following her pointing and laughing, and nobody spilled so much as a cup of coffee on it, let alone a tin of red paint. Surely, as a nation of so-called animal lovers someone ought to have at least tutted, and loudly. Or at the very least, as a nation of reverse snobs whose monarchy go around looking like people who’ve come to walk the dogs, we could object on taste grounds. I did as much glaring as I could on my own but everyone else ignored her and she sat on, complacently, totally unperturbed. This can’t be right, surely? Did I miss the memo? Is it now okay? On public transport? Tell me it ain’t so…

* The law may not be entirely clear on this point.


12 responses to “I’d Rather Go Naked…

  1. Ethelated Prinkets (Spl?) says watch it!

  2. Ethylated Prinketts would have definitely drawn a crowd of laughing and pointing children… I think that was the point.

  3. Watch out or the anti leather brigade will come out in sympathy 🙂

  4. Leather’s not quite so ostentatious, apart from anything else.

  5. Perhaps she was a visitor to these shores.

    I think that you’re being a bit rash with the title, especially with the weather as it i is at present!

  6. I would, of course, stay indoors. But oh, what a blog that would be

  7. Oh, don’t be harsh on the title flighty, I’m sure everyone who saw the bloglist just *had* to click on because of it. (And we are mildly disappointed there was just one nudity reference, Disgruntled! Up the game here!)

  8. I’ve always found nakedness to facilitate blogging – that is, the act of blogging itself. A fur coat, on the other hand, doth a dull blog make.

  9. I once worked in a well known department store in the foodhalls. My friend and I would take stickers off the ugli fruit and go round sticking them on ladies wearing big fur coats.

  10. AMP – sorry to disappoint you. Try erosia

    Menace – ouch. I admit, I was funnier in 2005

    Lilo – my first thought was chewing gum but I didn’t have any & I didn’t quite feel up to picking some old stuff off the bottom of the seat to use instead

  11. I did once see some one get of a Victoria line train naked – not a pretty sight.

  12. You never have your camera handy when you need it, do you?

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