Not-stalgia Part 2

Just in case I was feeling any fondness for the good old Silverlink days*, the following cautionary tale from a colleague who regularly does battle in those trenches:

She got in to work 90 or so minutes late, having waited 50 minutes for a train at West Hampstead which, once they had all shoe-horned themselves onto it, announced it was terminating at South Acton. At South Acton a further wait for a similarly crammed train which then – stop me if you’ve heard this one before – terminated one stop down the line at Gunnersbury. At which point they gave up and got a bus. No explanation, no information, no apology. And what was really galling was the fact that the eastbound trains were running fine, so turning the westbound ones around early solved no purpose at all other than to massage their statistics and make their passengers even later.

I’m beginning to think it’s not simple cock-up, but all part of a cunning master plan to reduce overcrowding by making their trains completely unbearable to use. Presumably some bean-counter somewhere has worked out that it’s cheaper to do that and pay the refunds than to run a proper service. Either that or they are quite simply the worst train service ever in the history of the world. What do you think?

* I’m not, by the way


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