Simple Pleasures

Sometimes, in an otherwise – well, let’s just call it sub-ideal – day, it’s the little things that make life bearable.

Such as when you’re making an unfamiliar journey in the rush hour and you find that the doors of the tube carriage you selected at random open right opposite the appropriate exit. Or when you get out at Westminster to walk across Westminster bridge and discover that they have coned off an entire lane of the bridge so that it’s only accessible to pedestrians and a few very determined cyclists, meaning that instead of having to force yourself through a throng of tourists who have never apparently seen a river before (or a bridge or a house of parliament or a big ferris wheel), you can stride along at normal walking pace.*

As to whether this entirely makes up for finding one bite in to your lunchtime sandwich that your bread is mouldy – well, I’ll let you be the judge of that. 

*Sadly, this turns out to be just lane resurfacing, not the implementation of a fast lane for pedestrians that I was hoping for.


8 responses to “Simple Pleasures

  1. I’m all for the simple pleasures in life!

    Have a good week.

  2. Of course, it could have been the last bite of the sandwich….

  3. Thanks Flighty

    Frazzled – actually the first bite tasted a bit funky so I probably wouldn’t have eaten more of it. I was hungry, though

  4. As for the simple things in life, I refer you to my blog, and the posting I made on 11th Jan, all about Farting.

  5. Yes, I read that one and giggled throughout…

  6. I’d love a pedestrian fastlane most London pedestrian are … er … too pedestrian. the scary thing is that having adopted a determined brisk stride in order to progress across, say, covent garden, I now find that on visits to , say, Dublin I resemble Terminator 2.

  7. i, too, would love a fast lane for pedestrians cos i stamp along at a fearful pace … except when i don’t. anyway – i once sent my son to school with a sarnie made with mouldy bread and his headteacher said, ‘james! why aren’t you eating up your lunch?’ and he showed him the mouldy manky bread that i hadn’t noticed! sigh. i’m a BAD mother.

  8. Muthas – you could always claim that the bread went mouldy after you made it into a sandwich. That’s my usual excuse…

    Moobs – so would your marathon time have been faster had you simply adopted a London-style pace and walked the route?

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