If you can’t Beat Them …

I’ve always thought that being a street cleaner in London must be one of the most dispiriting jobs in the whole world. Quite apart from the general unpleasantness of picking up after people, it’s the sheer pointessness of it all. I’m sure we’ve all seen some thoughtless idiot drop a wrapper yards from the nearest bin, right in the spot the sweeper has just finished cleaning. Why half of London hasn’t been brained by a broom and stuffed into the nearest litter bin (and yes, there are litter bins in London) totally escapes me.

So that probably explains why the guy in the little road-going hoover I saw the other morning was cheerfully peeling his orange and tossing the peel out of his side window as he went. At least that way he got the satisfaction of being the one to mess up his own handiwork instead of any other bugger getting to do it.


4 responses to “If you can’t Beat Them …

  1. Perhaps the surest sign that I am easing into outraged suburban middle age is that I increasingly tend towards Jihad on the question of litter.

    I am all for midnight kidnappings of the perpetrators and re-education camps. Grrr

    You always rile me up. I have to go and have a horlicks.

  2. Makes a change from getting mown down by the dam things.

  3. That’s a very nice image. Of course, I’d have wanted to throttle him…

  4. Moobs – sorry about that. Have a Rich Tea.

    Tubd Dude – I only noticed because I was waiting to see if it would stop for the pedestrian light. It didn’t.

    Oink – You’d have had to catch him first. Those things can get up to a fair speed …

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