Choices, Choices…

…And none of them good ones.

I have to be in at work at 8am every day this week. This contrasts with my normal flexi time habits which see me getting in around 8:15 or shortly afterwards, assuming normal train service and a following wind. I could probably get in at eight if I got the train before – but only if it’s not running so much as a minute late, and if it isn’t cancelled – not the sort of thing you want to be betting your good attendance record on. So, working backwards from my normal routine, I decided to get the train before that which given an every-fifteen-minutes service should have been around 7:11. This meant getting up at quarter to six this morning. Now, quarter to six hurts. Quarter to six means Farming Today is still on when I go down to make coffee. In my opinion, if you’re listening to Farming Today on a regular basis then, if you’re not actually a farmer, you’re in the wrong job. But I wanted to be punctual, so quarter to six it was. I left the house at ten to seven and reached the station just in time for the 7:11 train.

Which didn’t exist.

Because you see, I had not actually checked the timetable and so I had not realised that ‘every fifteen minutes’ means ‘every fifteen minutes during the normal working day’ and that SWT – no doubt sharing my gut instinct about getting up before six am being A Bad Thing – don’t consider the normal day to have started till 7:26. So that’s fifteen minutes of sleep foregone that I won’t see again. Plus more information about stock prices and the weekly weather forecast than I am realistically ever going to need. Grooh.

And it leaves me with a dilemma. I can get the 7:26 and hope it isn’t cancelled or late for the rest of the week (for the record I did get in with seconds to spare this morning). Or I can sacrifice another fifteen minutes sleep and get up at five-thirty to catch the 6:56 and end up at work at 7:30 with plenty of margin for error. Hmmm. Trust the trains or get up at silly-o-clock – what would you choose?


12 responses to “Choices, Choices…

  1. I’d trust the trains. Foolhardy, possibly, but I don’t think anyone would want to associate with me if I’d been up since 5.30 …

  2. You could always sleep in your clothes and have an intravenous caffeine drip; that way, you could simply roll out of bed and out the front door without getting up quite so early.

    I feel your pain: I have to get up at 6.00 to get to work for 7.45am. And I probably hate my job more than you hate yours. The solution is obvious: we both need to get new jobs!

  3. How critical will it be if you are late? For four days I’d trust the trains regardless of the answer!

  4. Trust. The. Trains. Not even farmers get up at 5.30am.

  5. Hmm – that seems to be unanimous (plus the other half has expressed a preference for not being woken up at that hour either). Can I blame you lot if SWT cancels the 7:26?

  6. Get the early early one. Would you like to put your good record in the hands of SWT with faith? Because that would give them a reason to cancel trains…

    Besides having all that time would give you a nice leisurely stroll to admire the scenery more than usual (or not), or you could get something to nibble on the way (assuming anything is open of course).

    (I have to start work at 1.35 tomorrow morning, nightmare.)

  7. I’d definitely rather get up early, always do that. I hate gettin up early, but if i’m presented with the choices to either get up early or to maybe be late. I’d go with the first.

    But that’s just me lol, i don’t trust trains, or any public transport for that matter.

  8. Nik – 1:35 am? That puts my start into perspective.

    Hannah – ordinarily I’d do the same, but not for a whole week and not at 5:30. You’ve got to draw the line somewhere…

  9. Hmmm… my uncle has to get up at 2.30am every morning, as he’s a truck driver. Don’t think I could cope, am more of a night time person. Most blokes would probably say roll out of bed 5mins before leaving the house, but that won’t do either.

    I’m afraid I’d go for… shock horror, trusting the trains. I mean, isn’t it a sad thing that when the timetable states we should make it (albeit tight) we have to give ourselves extra margin? No way. Tell your boss to declare any lost minutes to SWT. See how far he gets with that…Plus. 5.30am is just waaaaay too early, especially in winter…

  10. go for the really early one. Just so you know, when I’m on the early shift, I have to get the 04.53 from my local station. This means getting up at 0400 – THAT hurts…

    My first train at work leaves my station at 0509, and yes there are loads of people on it.

  11. Definitely trust the trains. And then blame them. Get up earlier than you absolutely have to? – no way.

  12. Ouch. I am impressed by others’ early starts and dedication to duty. So far trusting the trains has worked … famous last words?

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