More Braking News

I thought I’d have a cast-iron blog post today for you. The other half managed to get one of the front brake pads off the bike this morning and we took it down to the bike shop (the one where they told me they couldn’t fix my bike last time because it was ‘too complicated’ to fix older bikes) to see if they had any replacements. I was fairly confident that the same tooth-sucking, head-shaking, why-don’t-you-just-buy-a-new-one song and dance act would be repeated and I could write a wonderful rant about how it’s impossible to get anything repaired these days, global warming, throwaway society, blah blah blah. Instead it went like this:

Me: I don’t suppose you sell brake pads like this any more do you?
Nice Young Man in Lycra: Certainly.

It was five quid. Which is only slightly more than a new light bracket, as it happens. So now I’m going to have to work out how to fit the thing or, more likely, stand outside in the rain* holding spanners while the other half fits them for me.

Curiously enough, my laptop died a death over Christmas and I headed out to the sales to get a new one. The conversation went a little like this:

Me: I need a new laptop, my old one died
Nice Young Man in Suit: Why don’t you just get it fixed?

Just what is the modern world coming to these days? And how’s a girl supposed to put a proper rant together under these sorts of conditions? Coming up soon on Disgruntled Commuter: No Trains Cancelled in Living Memory, the Peak Hours Undercrowding Scandal, Tourists seen Hurrying through Streets of London and Man Gives up Seat to Pregnant Woman Shock.

* The drought, apparently, is still on.


8 responses to “More Braking News

  1. So what did you do about your laptop?

  2. Persuaded him to sell me a new one anyway.The old one was getting on a bit

  3. I am having all sorts of “What is going on here????” experiences in London the last couple days. I am inspired to write a post myself…


  4. There’s just no consideration for the needs of bloggers these days.

  5. I bet that he took a lot of persuading!

    Have you sorted out the brakes on your bike?

  6. Elizabeth – it’s odd, isn’t it?

    Katja – I’m sure they’ll sort themselves out soon

    Flighty – that is a story for another day …

  7. if you want a proper rant – join Pipex Homecall telecommunication services…or as the case may be lack of.

  8. Ah yes, broadband … If you go back to September 2005 I think there’s a series of rants on the subject from the last time we moved house…

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