Road to Nowhere

So, you’re driving in London, and you’ve just turned into a one-way street and it’s not the one-way street you wanted to turn into. What do you do?

Well, if you’re the driver of the BMW 7-series I saw this morning, you just do a three-point turn and drive the wrong way back out of the one-way street and continue on your way.

Never mind tests for pedestrians, or young people – how about instituting driving tests for middle-aged balding men who consult nothing but their own convenience?

And I bet he’d be the first to complain about cyclists not stopping for red lights …


6 responses to “Road to Nowhere

  1. The Paranoid Pigeon is coming 12.01.07

  2. It’s unbelievable what some drivers think they’ll get away with.

  3. Ah but not when there are bloggers about.

    Really must remember to take my camera with me everywhere…

  4. That’s where camera phones really come into their own…

  5. I see that quite often on Bulleid Way / Elizabeth Bridge in Victoria where I often work. And it’s usually BMWs there two. The best thing is watching them go the wrong way then reach and attempt to navigate the traffic light crossroards where of course they have no instruction, being the wrong way.

    Maybe they’re foreigners who didn’t learn the phrase ‘one-way’ at English school and just think the big fat arrow is decoration.

  6. Nik -you’d think the great big ‘no entry’ signs would tip them off. Or maybe driving a Beamer means you don’t have to obey the rules?

    Crow – true. That way I might actually have it on me when these things happen …

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