Where is Everyone?

I’d like to make it known for the record that in the 18 months I’ve been travelling on SouthWest Trains I’ve never had an eight car train in the morning. No matter how many school children are trying to cram themselves on, no matter how buggered the District line, or how cancelled the previous three trains have been, four cars have been our lot. Until today. For today, when pretty much the entire commuting population of London was either lodged in the bosom of its family eating turkey sandwiches, or out laying waste to Oxford street in the sales, and when the platform this morning held an excited crowd of three, we got an eight car train.

Not that I’m complaining, or anything. I just wanted it said.


5 responses to “Where is Everyone?

  1. That sounds about right. It’s good to know Murphy is alive and well and kicking around in Europe.


  2. Murphy, like rats and cockroaches, will probably be the only thing to survive the destruction of our civilisation. Along with his old friend and mucker, Sod…

  3. You can’t beat SWT logic

  4. yeah, and it’s back to shortarse ones now everyone’s back at work. Still, it was nice while it lasted

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