Vive la Difference

I’ve always worked on the assumption as a pedestrian that cars won’t generally run you over from a standing start. They may not stop for you, granted, they’re happy to turn a corner into a road you’re crossing without so much as a twinge on their conscience, true, but when l’homme vert turns into l’homme rouge, they will wait for you to clear the crossing before the engine gunning turns into actual acceleration.

Or so I thought.

Not in Paris.


8 responses to “Vive la Difference

  1. Apart from nearly getting run down by Parisian drivers I hope that you’re having an enjoyable time over there. Cheers!

  2. Hmm, but you are presumably still alive, given the fact that this little nugget of info could be inserted into the web… so thankfully, it was just a nasty experience and nothing more! Count yourself lucky. Or maybe the driver was just entering the Xmas spirit…

  3. Caatje – or perhaps the christmas spirit had entered them rather too freely?

    Flighty – yes very enjoyable, off home now…

  4. In Italy people on little scooters try to run you over deliberately for a laugh.

    Happy New Year

  5. Have a safe return! At least you know what to expect in Blighty.

  6. Moobs – rather like London, then, only here it’s with pushbikes

    c-side – true, I expect people to try and kill me approaching from the right instead of the left…

  7. i’ve never really understood the point of passage cloute in france. maybe you can sue the driver if you’re actually run over while on it … which might explain why they drive at you so fast. they’re actually trying to hurl you off the crossing to conceal the evidence. and clermont ferrand’s just as bad as paris. (the train from gare de lyon was very comfy, though)

    welcome home

  8. My top tip for survival in France is to stay on the trains. You’re more or less safe there …

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