Going Soft …

Today I:

  • Exchanged small, meaningless pleasantries and seasonal greetings with the news stand guy at the station
  • Gave the carol singers at Vauxhall a quid (they weren’t bad and it was for charidee…)
  • Failed to give the man who attempted to strike up a conversation with me about Strictly Come Dancing the cold, dead, fish-eyed look of a Londoner whose personal space has been violated, but responded like a normal human being (he moved away hurriedly shortly afterwards).

It must be Christmas … and more to the point it was my last day at work. Normal service will resume on the 28th, or earlier if the Eurostar and Paris Metro service aren’t up to scratch.


8 responses to “Going Soft …

  1. I dodged the fare today.

    ROCK and ROLL is clearly alive and well and thriving in SW London.

  2. Alright for some! Enjoy the break and festivities.

  3. DrT – you’re living life on the edge, there

    Flighty – this break is well overdue …

    Have a good christmas everyone

  4. I commend your generosity on all counts. Imagine what might happen if each person did the same. I’m sure all will resume back to normality in London. Good luck with your Christmas travel.

  5. c-side – I’m sure if we all started doing it on a regular basis we’d all go nuts. But sometimes it’s nice to have a change…

  6. gawd bless us, every one!

    i was hoping to send you an e-card, but can’t discern an email addy. come to my place and you can see what you’re missing.

  7. it’s all right. stay put. i’ve found it now.

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