Shhh, please

Obviously, I couldn’t comment on the merits or otherwise of cycling while drunk, but cycling with a hangover is definitely not a good idea. Although no doubt the fresh air and exercise did me good, I had no patience for anyone and somehow my mere presence on the road seemed to bring out every idiot in the entire borough. I had someone in a Chelsea tractor roaring past me, only to stop and block the entire road while attempting to parallel park in three different places before finding a space big enough. All my attempts to dominate the road and prevent cars from overtaking me where there was no room to do so, only resulted in them actually overtaking me where there was no room to do so and forcing me over. And I was in no mood to encounter a pedestrian who crossed the road while checking his change, so completely oblivious to my approach that I was almost on top of him before I finally had to warn him before I ran him over (still no bell, or whistle, or air horn on the bike yet, sadly. Or effective brakes for that matter. Luckily my steering still works). My high vis scary yellow jacket certainly looked bright enough to my jaded eyeballs this morning – but not, it seems, to anyone else’s.

And then I got to Vauxhall only to discover that today of all days was the morning they had chosen to give the underpass its annual clean. One chap with a leaf blower was blowing out all the litter behind the bikes. And one in the street cleaning machine was roaring through the tunnel at about 20mph before returning more slowly (and more loudly, I might add) spraying water at knee height across the full width of the underpass*. Still, at least the staff at the underground station had the decency to play something nice and soothing as the day’s classical music, and keep the volume v-e-r-y v-e-r-y q-u-i-e-t.

* Sadly, all this sprucing up was entirely wasted as the local homeless contingent had decided to use the underpass as the venue for their own Christmas do this evening – bring a can, dress casual – so the usual fragrance in the tunnel was, if anything, worse. Oh well. Hope your event was held in more salubrious surroundings and you all got safely home.


2 responses to “Shhh, please

  1. Hangovers are something from my long distant past thankfully!

    Have a good weekend.

  2. Flighty – I find the less you drink the worse the hangover when you eventually do indulge …

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