The Clue is in the Name

I made a big mistake this summer – I replaced my desert boots with another pair of desert boots. There’s a problem with desert boots – in fact there are several, but they all stem from the same thing, which is that once you have started wearing them they are so comfortable that it’s hard to go back to wearing any other kind of footwear. I wore these ones home from the shop and apart from one mild twinge on the walk home to remind me who was boss, they’ve been completely pain free. But they are suede and because I automatically spurn the offered magic suede spray whenever shop assistants try and flog it to me, they are not just not waterproof – they actually wick water up from the ground and onto my socks. And, as I discovered this afternoon while hurrying gingerly for a train in the wet, they don’t corner too well. Crepe soles seem to have this wierd ability to stick to the floor when you want them to move, but to slide sideways when you’re doing the 100-yard stairs-bridge-stairs-platform-train dash.* Who would ever guess that a shoe designed for negotiating sand dunes would perform poorly in a damp December in London? clearly not me.

So what to do? I could try and shoe-horn my feet back into my proper shoes but they’ve had six months of lolling around in comfort and aren’t that keen. Or I could try and find something as comfy but more practical if anyone’s got any ideas. Meanwhile, I’ll be the one skidding round the corners like a duck on ice – try and keep out of my way if you can.

*The train? The one I was hoping to catch was early and so I missed it (and a big thank you to the teenagers who pointed out I was ‘too late’ as I careered down the steps) whereas the second emergency backup train was – and you’re probably ahead of me here – late. Bah.


6 responses to “The Clue is in the Name

  1. You could always try to wear those horrible (no offence anyone, they’re just not my cup of tea) UGGly boots, they appear to be quite comfy.

    However, you could try and ease your feet into proper shoes, give them like a couple of hours wear at work when you needn’t walk so much, and gradually get back in them if u want?

  2. Timberlands? They take a bit of breaking in but then they’ll last years.

  3. Blacks do a waterproof shoe. They have lovely bouncy soles, come in grey or blue and have a sympatex lining (it’s like a non-brand gore-tex). they cost 50 and are worth every penny. And I can assure you, they ARE waterproof.

  4. Ta for all of the suggestions. Uggs are out – the clue’s in the name there, too – but the others are worth looking into.

    Funny how it’s all the women who answer … even the sensibly shod among us are still obsessed by shoes, it seems…

  5. You could just treat the suede boots you know…

  6. Ah – I thought of that but that wouldn’t deal with the whole lack of traction problem. They just don’t handle wet surfaces at all well.

    I crammed myself into my real shoes today. Ooh, ouch…

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