Timing is everything – in comedy, and in cycling. I got out to the bike this morning to discover that it was merely drizzling, hardly raining at all, the sort of day the average commuter could safely venture out in without spoiling their numbers. So I left the zip of my jacket open and set off to the station. As I turned the first corner the rain picked up a little – nothing I couldn’t handle, a mere shower. But as I got onto the main stretch of road, the heavens opened. My bike ride is not much more than five minutes in the morning and during those five minutes I felt like I’d gone through the rinse cycle in the washing machine – it wasn’t just the rain, there were fierce gusts of wind every time I passed a cross street blowing me halfway across the road. Cars were swishing past me in the dark and my glasses were so wet I was navigating by memory as much as by sight, just praying no black-clad, black umbrella’d pedestrians stepped out in front of me without looking. I got to the station so drenched that the guys at the coffee stall offered me a pile of napkins to dry myself off with. By that time, naturally, the rain had slackened off back to nothing, and I was left with soaking jeans and shoes and socks that are still a bit damp even now. Oh well, I thought, at least this will get me some sympathy at work, something to blog about. But no. Because Kensal Green only has to go and get hit by a tornado, and suddenly my morning’s weather seems a little tame.


7 responses to “Soaked

  1. I was most shocked when I went out at lunchtime and saw the news (oh, and PS – when did Tesco Metro start having plasma screens showing the news in their stores?). Like you, I was feeling hard done by for having got caught in the worst of the rain as I made my 5 minute walk to the tube this morning, but it did rather pale into insignificance when I saw that house that had its outside wall ripped down…

  2. Katja – everywhere has plasma screens now, it’s the law.

  3. that bloody kensal green – it’s always doing things like that just to get attention!

  4. In fairness, according to the BBC Website it was actually Kensal Rise. Which is even more of an attention seeking suburb than Kensal Green.

  5. Not the only one! Ventured out this morning to visit someone, other side of town (30mins bike ride). Hmmm. With wind of course against me, gusts of force 7, fab trip that was, slashing rain in my face and everything! And riding up a hill without shelter with force 7 trying to blow you off… even going down I barely had any speed.

    Didn’t make too good an impression with the soggy-haired beggar look (soggy hair, red face, soggy coat, drenched trousers, drenched socks, and leaking trainers). Oh well… never mind I suppose.

  6. I was about to get on the Ferris Wheel (refuse to call it an Eye) when the thunder storm passed over. At least we were under the glass canopy – the queue got rather wet. Then the sun came out and we had lovely views of all the cranes.

  7. Caatje – the headwinds are a killer aren’t they? I think I was doing a pretty good impression of a drowned rat, myself.

    Sarah – It’s a shame you weren’t up in the eye itself. I’d love to be up in a really wild thunderstorm. Probably wouldn’t see much of London, though …

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