Lies, Damn Lies and …

…TfL Leaflets.

Anyone else remember the perky leaflet TfL put out in collaboration with the London Cycling Campaign last year to encourage us all to get on our bikes? And does anyone else remember the entirely spurious factlet that had been included along the lines of the average commuter only getting rained on 12 times a year? And has anyone else been giving a hollow laugh as they cycled off through the horizontal driving rain every single bloody day for, oh gosh, about the last 12 working days?

OK, so it’s an average, not an absolute figure. But that’s just the last couple of weeks in what was supposed to be a drought year*. The average cyclist, clearly, lives in Israel. Or works such flexible hours they can wait for the tiny window of non-rain we’re granted every day. Or simply gives up cycling after two weeks of being drenched every morning, and having to get into a still-damp-and-not-entirely-pleasant-smelling cycling jacket every evening. The rest of us? Statistically, it seems we don’t exist. Either that, or somebody somewhere just made that figure up. Surely not, you cry. They would never do that…

* Is that over now by the way? You’d think so, but you can never tell…


10 responses to “Lies, Damn Lies and …

  1. interesting statistic. I think I may log how often I get rained on (hmm is my life actually dull enough?)

    I’ve got a great raincoat, waterproof trousers, waterproof shoes from Blacks and a baseball cap to keep the rain off my face. But to me, the rain is not about the getting wet, it’s about how much more hazardous conditions are. Pedestrians just love to cross the road without looking past their umbrellas. Hello? I have the stopping distance of a landing jumbo jet. Please don’t DO that!

  2. true – bike brakes + rain = not very effective stopping mechanism. Nice squealing noise, though.

  3. oh, that squeal is the brakes? I assumed it came somewhere from me, since I’m usually in a state of abject fear when I have to slam them on or risk making a novel imprint onto a car/bus/pedestrian.

  4. Well in my case it’s either the brakes or the pedestrians …

  5. Like you I am in the dark … can I use my hosepipie now without being turned in by a neighbour and having Thames Watre beat the soles of my feet?

  6. You don’t actually read the TfL leaflets do you?

    mistake number 1 – readingt that crap.

    mistake number 2 – believing it.

    by doing this it only encourages them to print more and more, think of the rain forsets. I chuck out evey month boxes and boxes of these things, we can’t even recycle them.

  7. Moobs – er but what do you want to use your hosepipe for? Your lawn must be under 3 feet of water by now…

    TubeDude – why can’t they be recycled? That’s terrible.

  8. I understand that TfL, has suddenly announced plans to recycle old leaflets – not before time.

    Maybe this is another exciting example of “Blog Power!”?

    And all thanks to you.

  9. Yep – I told you this was the blog that gets results. Still working on world peace though

  10. maybe send an email to Messers Bush and Blair with a link to your blog

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