Locked and Loaded


Remember the Great Bike Light Bracket theft? Well, it seems Lambeth Council was paying attention because shortly afterwards a security kit came through our door complete with pretty shiny stickers for attracting thieves’ attention and an ultra-violet pen for marking things with your home address so thieves can, once they have stolen your bike, ride round to yours and get the rest of your stuff while you’re still walking home. Today was the first chance I had to sort my bike out in daylight so I’ve been busy. I couldn’t write small enough to put my postcode on the light bracket itself, but I did managed to do this:


The tape should at least slow them down so the CCTV camera gets a good set of images, always supposing someone’s watching and somebody cares when I report the theft of a bit of small black plastic worth all of 35p (but costing £4.50 to replace). And the best bit? When they finally cut or wind all the tape off they’ll find it’s superglued on to the handlebars*.

I’m almost hoping they’ll try.

*Thanks to Tube Dude for this suggestion.


7 responses to “Locked and Loaded

  1. Nah. The CCTV camera operators are not interested in catching thieves, it’s not profitable. They are much more interested in catching and fineing motorists stopped in yellow box junctions

  2. i wish they’d catch the motorists parked in cycle lanes.

    That taping it to the bike, what a great idea! makes the thieves assume the bracket is already broken and not worth nicking.

    hmm, Now all I need to do is duct tape my whole bike.

  3. Jim – they won’t catch many yellow box violators in the underpass at Vauxhall (unless the traffic’s really backed up

    Cookie – there’s very little in life that can’t be sorted out with a bit of duct tape…

  4. Since I am presently unable to persuade the POlice to entertain the possibility of even allowing me to REPORT the fraudulent use of my credit card to the tune of 1,500 good luck with your light bracket theft report. You’lkl have to resort to vigilante action.

  5. Moobs – I think I’ll wait till they nick it a third time before troubling the boys in blue.

  6. Oh, er,, you took me to heart.

    Your of course more than welcome. Buit what wil happen when you sellt he bike. Maybe next time they’ll just nick the whole bike..

  7. Tube Dude – I don’t think the bike’s worth anything any more (but don’t tell it that). The bracket’s now probably worth more than it is…

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