Maths Test

You are the driver of a train. Each carriage can seat approximately 100 people with room for 20 to stand in comfort or 40 to cram themselves on.

When you leave your starting point you have 148 people on board.

At the first stop, 6 people get off and 87 people get on.

At the second stop, 3 people get off and 63 people get on.

At the third stop, 12 people get off and 119 people get on.

At the fourth stop, 7 people get off and 98 people get on.

At the fifth stop, 14 people get off and 67 people get on

At Kew Bridge, 8 people will get off and 55 people are waiting to get on.

Question: Do you cancel the four carriage train, or the eight carriage one?

Clue: SouthWest trains got the answer wrong again this evening.


4 responses to “Maths Test

  1. If I was the driver I would go by bus and sod those who want to get on

  2. That’s probably what happened…

  3. Have you noticed that even when you can scarcely breathe in and out someone will always tap on the window and shout “will you move down please?”. Unfortunately, with my face pushed into someone’s back and my arms locked by my side I find it impossible to let them know how I feel about their request.

  4. they go through years of training to make decisions that appear counterintuitive – no, let’s tell it like it is – that are just downright stupid. this is highly skilled work – don’t knock it

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