Steal This Third Book*

2006 Momaya Review

 Fans of the short story form and the Disgruntled Commuter prose style have a double treat in store for them this week. This book combines some excellent, prize winning stories, illustrated with apposite and evocative photographs, and – through some bureaucratic error – one of mine. Don’t bother looking up one D. Commuter in the list of authors, though, as it’s been published under my real name, so you’ll have to guess which one is me.

Usual rules apply. If you buy the book and guess which one I wrote, send me an email and let me know. I’ll sign your book, thereby halving its value. And if you’re too cheap to steal the book, you may want to steal a radio instead, tune it to Radio 4 and switch it on at 7:45pm this Sunday. You never know what you might hear.

*No, not really. Please buy it instead.


11 responses to “Steal This Third Book*

  1. I’ll give this entry a linked mention over on BookBuffs. I’ll also sneak a copy or two onto the shelf and into the window at the bookshop.

    There’s a story that Terry Pratchett signs so many of his books that unsigned copies are worth more!

    Have a good weekend.

  2. If you let me know the dates for the entries about the first and second books I’ll mention those as well.

    I’ve made a note to listen to Radio 4 on Sunday as you suggest.

  3. That was quick! Dates noted and I’ll let you know when I ‘ve done the entry, probably later next week.

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing Aunt S. on Auntie. Original, intelligent and witty are the adjectives that come immediately to mind. The pace and tone of the reading perfectly matched the sentiments of the story. I look forward to more from you.

  5. That makes two of us! Have a good week.

  6. Jim & Flighty – thanks…

  7. Whilst out shopping lunchtime I saw Siobhan Redmond! Talk about coincidence.

  8. creepy. I mean the coincidence, not Siobhan Redmond, who I am sure is lovely and entirely non-creepy

  9. Where did you see Siobhan Redmond??

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