A Cruel Trick to Play

No, not the announcement of above-inflation fare rises in the middle of this week of generalised train chaos (District, Picadilly and Silverlink today). Nor even the implication (by Virgin among others) that we passengers should somehow be grateful that they’re putting on all these extra trains to carry all the extra fare paying passengers they’re getting – haven’t these people heard of economies of scale? No, I’m talking about the disabled seats on the Northern Line.

These flip up (with some force) to make space for a wheelchair, which is handy if you’re in a wheelchair and are lucky enough to be making a journey between two of the three wheelchair accessible stations on the Northern Line*. But I only realised the downside of this last night when a blind guy got on with his dog at London Bridge. The man in the disabled spot promptly offered his seat and got up – the seat flipped up automatically, the blind man tried to sit down and much hilarity ensued…

No, no, no, no, of course that didn’t happen. At least not this time. The seat offering chap saw the problem and held it down, and the blind guy seemed to be wise to it anyway. I wonder if he ever had to find out the hard way though? And who – if anyone – actually designs these things? 
*London Bridge, West Finchley and Woodside Park, since you ask


4 responses to “A Cruel Trick to Play

  1. Now hold on. I often reflect as I stand, face pressed into a strange armpit with the edge of someone’s case digging away at the back of my knees, that I don’t pay nearly enough for my ticket. Particularly when the reduce the peak train home to 4 carriages. First Capital Connect fulfil their mission statement like no other train company. They really bring people together.

  2. there are probably specialist internet sites for people with your tastes, Moobs…

  3. Yes. I also am a fan of all those times (like every morning this week at my station) when they thoughtfully cancel or delay every train, which means me having to let at least two or three go through without even attempting to get on as they’re packed way beyond sardine-stylee. It gives me a chance to get to know the local people. Mind you, they don’t half look a grumpy bunch.

  4. Moobs and Pog – you two clearly have a lot in common …

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