The Platform Time Forgot

What is it about the good people of Elephant & Castle that nobody wants to sell them anything? Some time ago – and we’re talking months here, if not a year – all of the adverts were stripped off the northbound Northern Line platform leaving the passengers staring at something that looked like a piece of not-very-successful collage. A sign was put up indicating that renovation was in progress and that was that. I don’t use the station that often – and can you blame me? – but I was there again recently and it was still the same. Torn paper, dirt, and a sign saying watch this space. It’s beginning to look a little odd, possibly even a bit pointed.

I can’t help but feel that even as I type somewhere in the offices of either Transport for London or Viacom Outdoors a manager is slapping his forehead and going ‘Elephant and Castle. That was what I was supposed to remember…’


9 responses to “The Platform Time Forgot

  1. Nah – they only used to really advertise the services at that huge temple job on the roundabout, didn’t they? Nobody would miss those. Remember? Dreadful drawings of ‘young people’ who were ‘missing out on the joy of life’.

    Stripped walls have to be better than that …

  2. Pog – tbh, I only noticed them when they had gone. So much for effective marketing. But you’re right, stripped walls do sound better.

  3. LOL, I liked the last paragraph, like a lot.

    Wasn’t it the same with Stockwell station last summer, it did look like a building site all summer, not sure it still looks that way though. I havent been to stockwell in a while.

    sayin that, I’m off experience the pleasures of rush hour commuting in Hamburgs underground tomorrow. *sigh*

  4. And talking of forgotten platforms, our local station has a platform 0 – can anyone else lay claim to this? Apart from wannabe Hogwarts maybe?

  5. Hannah – I have to confess I’ve never been to Stockwell. If I go, I’ll have a look

    Grunt – I’d be very careful taking trains from that platform if I were you.

  6. Watch out for the stations where the paper has peeled back to reveal posters proclaiming “Careless Talk Costs Lives” or “Dig For Victory”. We’ll meet again…

  7. Those are probably the ones you get to from platform 0..

  8. Actually, the train I got from platform 0 went to Swansea – rather proves your point, I think.

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