What’s on your Wallet?

The guard was checking tickets the other night and, as he waited for his little oyster-reading machine to read my oyster he remarked ‘Oh look it’s an Oyster card called disgruntled’ (only of course he used my real name instead of disgruntled, I don’t have ‘disgruntled’ written on my oyster wallet, that would be silly). So I explained that we had four of the things at home and I needed a way to distinguish mine. We did have some of the Guardian’s fancy picture wallets for a while, but the in-laws took them back to the US as a souvenir, so things were getting confusing. ‘I suppose there’s no harm in customising them,’ he said, which was a relief because you never know these days what isn’t allowed (no doubt even now somebody somewhere is considering a law against scrawling your name in biro on your oyster card wallet). But he did seem a bit surprised. Surely I’m not the only person who’s written on my oyster to mark it out from the oyster herd*. What about you? How have you customised yours?

* Er, possibly not the right collective noun here. Flock? School? Bed?


11 responses to “What’s on your Wallet?

  1. Hmph. I want an oyster card too. Londoners have all the fun. I feel left out. I wonder if we have an equivalent. At any rate, naming it is a very good idea!

  2. you can have one of ours, we’ve got loads.

  3. I’ve taken mine out the black wallet and just put the card in my real wallet, you mean I’m possibly a fugitive?! Isn’t the world a joke!

  4. i cant read whatever used to be on the wallet, it’s only red and blue, all this carrying around in my jeans pocket kinda wore it off. I seem to remember that it was a direct line advert though. My man has one of those old style blue wallets so there was no danger mistakingly take the wrong one along.

  5. I think the collective noun should be a Pearl of Oysters.

  6. Nik – that sounds very dodgy, you are clearly up to no good with it.

    Hannah – do you think my old blue wallet might be a collector’s item now (if I hadn’t defaced it?)

    Lilo – ooh, nice one. Sadly, my oyster normally doesn’t have anything more valuable in it than 35p in pay as you go and an almost expired zone 2&3 weekly travel card …

  7. i’m not sure, but from what I know they don’t hand them out anymore.

  8. Well at least it shows I’m not one of those Johnny-come-lately oyster users, anyway…

  9. Nah – a slurping of oysters, surely?

  10. Anonymous – I’m guessing you’re actually a thinly disguised TubeDude …

    Pog – I’ve decided it’s a ‘platter’ of oysters.

  11. Yeah, now my cover is blown.

    Seems I’ll have to back to the Blue Uniform.

    I like “Platter”

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