Horn Concerto

Yesterday I was listening to an interview on Front Row with a composer who has written music for, among other things, an orchestra of car horns and car alarms. Today I think I may have caught one of his works being performed. The venue was a large yellow-box junction (in this case Kew Bridge), and a Friday evening rush hour made more frantic by the rain. They had gathered the soloists (two bass buses, three tenor vans and a minibus and a handful of alto and soprano cars) into the yellow box and arranged them into a position of total gridlock. A chorus of other cars, buses, bicycle bells, pedestrians and the odd lorry were assembled on the feeder roads. The lights changed, and the music began:

Beep honk honk BEEP honk toot toot vrmm vrmm Beep HONK HONK toot pip-pip Beep honk honk BEEP honk toot vrmm vrmm BEEP BEEP BEEP Honk BEEEEEEEP …

Or maybe it was just a traffic jam – but the effect was strangely rhythmic and musical all the same. It certainly made me feel a whole lot better about being on foot despite the rain – I may be wet but at least I’m now home, whereas some of the performers from this evening are probably still out there, tooting away.


4 responses to “Horn Concerto

  1. What you witnessed was that rare musical phenomenon known as a Jam Session.

  2. Groan

    I wish I’d thought of that one

  3. If you’re in that orchestra I wonder what excuse you’d use for being late!

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