Hello and Welcome…

… to the blog that gets results. The traffic lights were out again at Kew Bridge yesterday and today but this time – no doubt piqued by my suggestion that they had forgotten how – there were no fewer than six police-people and support officers out there directing the cars, one for each stream of traffic. There was even one chap stopping the cars on the side road for the pedestrians to get across – a vast improvement on the usual state of affairs. Now that I’ve got the ear of those in authority I’m confidently expecting guards vans to be restored, quiet coach violations to be punished and zebra crossings rules to be enforced by armed police. Just watch this space. Meanwhile, if you’ve any requests of things you’d like me to get sorted out just let me know via the comments and I’ll have a quiet word…


8 responses to “Hello and Welcome…

  1. RE: Zebra crossings – does that mean cyclists will no longer allowed to ride across them and expect cars to stop for them?

  2. Gosh, Pete, you don’t ask for much do you? Still probably easier than getting them to reinstate Guards’ vans

    VS – tricky one, but probably yes. Sauce for the goose and all that …

  3. and then you woke up? No?

  4. heh heh – no it was all true. The traffic police part anyway. World peace will take a little longer

  5. I can certainly confirm the traffic police bit. For nearly a week my journey time was slashed – somehow drivers using common sense (an anachronism I know, but in an odd way when forced into adversity the vestiges of that long-lost trait once again showed through) proved to be a far more efficient way of managing traffic than the old lights. Then the traffic cops turned up and the whole area turned to gridlock. What more can I say. But before you scream at me, I can undertsand the lottery that had ensued for pedestrians.

  6. So was it you who buggered them up a second time then?

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