Burning Issues

It’s been a long week so I was quite pleased to get away reasonably early from work today. As I started across the bridge towards the station I was thinking how nice it would be to get home early, have time to relax, maybe have a drink …


Never count your journeys before they’re hatched. The first sign of trouble was my colleague – who had left some time before me – heading back over the bridge, along with half the contents of Kew Bridge station. There was a fire on a train in Chiswick, apparently, which meant that nobody was going anywhere along the Hounslow loop this evening (either that or he’s got a twisted sense of humour) so we slogged it back to Kew Gardens station and took a District line from there. In the end, the journey itself wasn’t too bad, although District line trains do seem to move incredibly slowly and are far too fond of hanging around in the tunnels outside Earl’s Court for my liking. The real problem is that it costs me extra. If I had a SouthWest Trains ticket – or even an old style paper season ticket – it wouldn’t be a problem. I’d show it at the gates, explain the trains were buggered up, and somebody would grudgingly let me through. But with my season being on my Oyster it’s not so simple. I’ve got a two and three zone ticket. Kew Gardens is in Zone 3, Vauxhall is in Zone 2 but – with the trains not running – I have to go through zone 1. And my oyster, noticing I don’t have a ticket for that, deducts it from my pay as you go.

I have no doubt that with sufficient persistence, several hours of my time and a following wind I could get a refund eventually from SouthWest Trains. But it’s only £1.50 and really not worth the frustration that would cause. So I end up coming home not just late and tired, but out of pocket and generally a bit … well, disgruntled.

Which, fortunately, is what this blog is all about. Have a good weekend everyone.


11 responses to “Burning Issues

  1. You too disgruntled commuter, and thanks for the ever readable, and entertaining, blog entries.

  2. Yes. Here’s hoping you are regularly inconvenienced in your journies for the purposes of our entertainment.

  3. Moobs & Flighty – thanks. Er, I think …

  4. I’ve written an open letter to Oyster on the subject of the new fine and payment strategy. I’d appreciate the opinions of your readership.


    Many thanks,


  5. The website URL is http://jdv.hopto.org. Wasn’t clickable in the first post.



  6. As I understand it, SW trains were supposed to make arrangements with LUL for all it’s Customers, who wanted to brave the District LIne, LUL would then put in place “Ticket Acceptance” and everything would go like clock work.

    Did you speak to a member of LU staff, or just “touch in”? if you did that then the computer probably hadn’t spoke to eacjh other – thats why you were charged the extra. It’s also worth chasing up that extra 1.50 refund. Just think of all the 1.50 that SW trains got away with because it’s such a small sum. I’ld have chased it up.

    Happy Days.

  7. Tube Dude – I’m afraid I filed it under ‘life’s too short’. And I had to touch in & out or risk getting fined for having an un-touched-in oyster

  8. Chicken and the egg then?

  9. Thanks Ross. That form’s for London underground journeys only, though – I wonder if SouthWest Trains have an online equivalent

  10. see it’s very define,your one of a kin. Nurit Hailey.

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