To: the car drivers of London
From: Disgruntled Commuter
Re: blogging material

I’m writing to request that, if you must keep trying to kill me, you do so in a more imaginative and entertaining way. Take yesterday, for example. One of your colleages pulled out into the bit of the road I was still cycling on just at the tricky point where I was having to simultaneously signal, brake and steer, causing me to have to concentrate suddenly on just the braking part or get squashed, and then had the cheek to wave me on impatiently as though I were holding her up. How many times has this happened? Dozens? Hundreds? How am I supposed to get a fresh and amusing blog entry out of that? It’s getting a trifle dull, not to mention betraying a complete lack of imagination on your part. Can’t you try and spice things up a little, if only for the sake of the readers? Wear an amusing hat. Get a personalised number plate. Swipe me with an opened door. I leave the details up to you – just vary the routine a little can’t you?

Either that, or you could stop trying to kill me altogether. Just a thought.


4 responses to “Bo-ring

  1. I don’t think the London Lite cares whether your blog gets dull or not (which it doesn’t). They just printed you again! Have they asked you this time, at least? They must be running out of good bloggers, I have seen one blog (Lisa Taylor) been mentioned three times (so far). Anyway, if you haven’t got today’s copy (it’s on Page 31), I can try and kill my office scanner again tomorrow and send it to you.

  2. Nope, they didn’t ask again. This time I think I’ll contact them. Yes please, do scan it if it doesn’t kill your office scanner. & thanks for letting me know…

  3. I take it they are taking a relaxed view about paying you a fee for reprinting your copyright material.

  4. They are but I have sent them a stiff email so that should sort them out … er, probably

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