Daily Wail

To the chap who held me up while selecting his paper at the news-stand the other morning, a word of advice: it doesn’t matter which copy of the Daily Mail you buy. I can see why you might hesitate before choosing the Daily Mail at all – it certainly made me think less of you as a human being – but once you’ve selected that as your paper of choice, there’s really no point leafing through the whole stack of them. They’re all the same as the top one, I promise you. In fact they’re all more or less the same as yesterday’s, but that’s another topic all together.


5 responses to “Daily Wail

  1. yeah, whyu do people do that. Some one pulled a metro from the middle of the pile today, and sent th etop half of the pile scattering across the ticket hall.

  2. Eeew. The Daily Mail. I can’t touch it with my bare hands. It burns. It burrrrnns.

  3. Unless it is the Scottish Daily Mail which you can buy in England if you are not careful. It is much the same as the English version but has additional local bits-recipes for Haggis, references to Burns and what to put in your scrotum etc

  4. The front copy may have been touched by a passing asylum seeker. No Daily Mail reader could be expected to run that risk.

  5. I was going to be much ruder about the Daily Mail, but then I realised I’ve never actually read it … still thought less of the guy, though.

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