Lighten our Darkness

I was going to blog about the fact that SWTrains chose this week to have all no lights at all on the platform at Kew Bridge (and Feltham) this evening – possibly to get us all in the Hallowe’en mood. This in turn led to late running trains because, mother-hen-like, the driver was waiting at each station to make sure all the passengers got safely off the platform, lighting them on their way with the lights of the train. But – and I don’t know if it’s the effect of the extra hour sleep or not – I’m having a hard time getting disgruntled about this. I think it was actually rather sweet. So instead, now that the clocks have finally gone back and we’re all going home in the real dark – a word of advice to at least one of my fellow-cyclists spotted (but only just) on the ride home: cycling with a lit cigarette in your hand isn’t really adequate in the absence of any other bike lights. If only because the glow of the butt is red, and so should properly speaking be at the back not the front of the bike. A lit cigarette backwards behind your ear and, I don’t know, a sparkler in your hand – now, that might do it. In fact that might be what it takes to get some people to notice that a bike is there at all…


5 responses to “Lighten our Darkness

  1. These cyclists will be well illuminated when 2 police cars and an ambulance surround their remains. Idiots, I see many many like that in London, just asking to be hit by something.

  2. true – although the smoking suggested he wasn’t too worried about his life anyway …

  3. I’m taken with how sweet the driver was, even if it did delay the journey. I had a Central line driver this summer who invited anyone suffering in the heat into his air-conditioned cabin. It made me want to run the length of the train and envelop him in a sweaty hug.

  4. Hmmm … are you sure he wasn’t just gloating?

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