I Pity the Fool

What sort of person gives his (and it was a he) little BMW roadster a personalised number plate that reads ‘Phool’? Well, if the evidence of yesterday was anything to go by, the sort of person who also turns left across a pedestrian crossing without indicating he was turning.

Actually, thinking about it, the real shame is that all the other drivers aren’t so conveniently labelled. Some sort of compulsory scheme seems to be indicated. I’m accepting nominations now for the driver who most needs the number plate ‘ID10T’…


10 responses to “I Pity the Fool

  1. how about the driver that, today morning, thought it was funny to speed up exactly at the point he was driving through a massive puddle in front of a pedestrian crossing, thus wetting a handful of people on their way to work, INCLUDING myself.

  2. W4NKR for him, I think

  3. ..and why is it all these “drivers?” usually drive flash motors – I read some where a while a go, that men with little d**ks drove these sorts of cars.

    To this effect, I have always called the sort of actions you and Hanah mention as “small d**K syndrome”

    I used to take great fun in trying to knock these road users out the way with an 11 ton bus. Sadly no more.

    Hope that you are OK?

    Your magic word thing has summed it up for me…”COcks”!!!!! wonderful

  4. You’re right – men in high-performance sports cars need no further labelling, the car says it all…

  5. One seen in Dublin EJIT1 . Specially personalised What a GOM B11N

  6. Huttonian – I don’t believe you. Although our local plumbing firm has the plate: LO02WET

  7. Well actually it may be a figleaf of the imagination. But I did see at Sligo races in the late 1950s a Dr’s car : SAY99

  8. I had such an encounter with a lady driver on a crossing, Instead of breaking she stepped on the acceleration while I was just in front of her fancy car. It seems that she confused the breaks with the acceleration, but I do not blame her, only her little tiny brain. I needed hospitalization, by-the-way.

  9. Phool is Hindi (Indian language) for ‘flower’. Maybe thats what it meant?

  10. VS – that could be an explanation. Although he was still driving a little phoolishly …

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