I was beginning to Wonder …

… whether Sod’s Law had somehow been repealed in my absence, or at least its enforcement suspended as far as it applied to me. On Tuesday morning I thought I’d missed my train due to a bit of queuebarging at the coffee stall (the coffee guy allowed someone to butt in and order a triple skinny decaff with extra chopped nuts or some such nonsense when I’d been standing waiting patiently* for ages with my Guardian and my 70p) but the train was delayed by just long enough to allow me to catch it. And then today, I slept in and managed to miss the worst of the Waterloo emergency engineering works chaos, getting into work at about the same time I would have done without the extra hour’s sleep. I’ve also managed to avoid being run over when looking the wrong way crossing the road, drenched by passing cars (due to a strategically placed lorry in the middle of what looked like a small lake on the way in to the station on Tuesday), and being backed into by a reversing delivery van. But I was wrong. The gods were not sleeping, merely gathering their strength. I shan’t bore you with all the tedious details – just suffice it to say that when they cancel the eight-carriage train and not the four-carriage train, several hundred passengers have to spend their evening enacting a well-known phrase or saying regarding quarts and pint pots.

Oh well, at least it gives me something to blog about. Let’s see how Sod’s law deals with that one …

* oh all right then, impatiently.


3 responses to “I was beginning to Wonder …

  1. The peak train to Sutton is often a four carriage unit. I think they do it because they enjoy seeing all those pale faces pressed against the windows of the doors.

  2. I think they do it to save on the heating bills.

    This is energy saving week after all

  3. So, it was you the gods were gathering strength for! Maybe next time I will be in their favor and another hurried lady will not run over my leg with her fancy car. At least one of us is safe!

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