Nine-and-a-half Days…

… appears to be the amount of time it takes the average Brit, i.e. me, to learn to look consistently the wrong way when crossing the road in the States. Which is also, curiously enough, the amount of time I actually spent there. Which may in turn explain the number of near-death experiences I encountered while walking to and from the station today. In retrospect, it’s probably a good thing I wasn’t on my bike. And if present trends continue, I should be fit to be allowed out by, ooh, Wednesday week.

Meanwhile, if you do see me stepping confidently out in front of you, do me a favour. Honk. Thanks.


9 responses to “Nine-and-a-half Days…

  1. Yikes! Watch out commuter! I’d much prefer you did not get smooshed.

  2. Pete – I am watching out – just looking the wrong way …

  3. FIt rear view mirrors to your cycle helmet and wear it as you walk about. That way you will be safe AND stylish

  4. Ah yes, but about the helmet …

  5. I nearly got done in Italy on a number of occasions like this. However I suspect that the fact that we had Italians overtaking us on blind bends means they’re probably used to the seemingly devil may care attitude it takes to step out in front of a car….

  6. true – but I like to make eye contact with the person who’s about to kill me. Makes it so much more personal, don’t you think?

  7. I find myself, when travelling back and forth between the States and here, getting a ridiculously sore neck. Why? Because I end up at the street whipping my head back and forth like a crazy person, trying to figure out if it is right-left-right or left-right-left, and then if I did it correctly, or not, I just usually add a few spare head whips, just to make sure. Thing is, I doubt I actually ever SEE anything. I am too busy concentrating on the thought “did I look?” and “Which side did I start with?” Sigh… I am exhausted.


  8. That might explain why I got a cricked neck on my last trip to the States … for now I just settle for looking whichever way feels ‘wrong’

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