Only in America

Part one of an occasional series of ooh, many.

Anyone who travels a lot, particularly for work, particularly in the US, will know that CNN and other rolling news services of its ilk have become more or less inescapable. I’m used to it in airports – nothing like watching endless ill-informed speculation about the latest mystery air crash to get you in the mood for a flight – and I was irritated but not surprised to find that at my hotel they also serve CNN for breakfast. At least that’s what they did yesterday. This morning, though, the channel had changed. It being a Sunday, we were getting Sunday Mass with our eggs and bacon. When the Mass had finished (actually not too obtrusive as the music and the words were familiar enough to an Anglican who had enough years of compulsory school church attendance to enable me to tune it out, although I did wish I’d brought a lad mag or comic in which to conceal my copy of Scientific American) the credits rolled, and the next programme started – Sunday service from a more evangelical church. I’m not sure (I had an early start this morning) whether they went through every denomination in turn. Breakfast is free here, an all you can eat buffet. I think they’ve hit on a clever way of keeping consumption to a minimum. But I do wonder what they’ll be serving up on Friday – the latest preaching from the Finsbury Park Mosque? I’ll keep you posted …


6 responses to “Only in America

  1. Praise be and send your money to….Religion is big business in the US. There’s a top of the range corporate jet registered to A Wing and A Prayer Inc. Only in America indeed!

    Nice to see your travel entries although the timing of them is confusing.

  2. Back to CNN this morning and particularly irritating as the headline (endlessly reiterated) seemed to be ‘small earthquake in Hawaii, nobody hurt’

  3. No, but if she drives a big 4-by-4 she may have tried to run me down the other day …

  4. free all you can eat buffet breakfasts…beats Sausage McMuffin.

    Hope your not missing London to much…

  5. I’m missing not having CNN blaring at me everywhere I go … bring back the classical music, that’s what I say

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