Meet me in St. Louis

I’m not superstitious*, which is lucky because tomorrow I’m flying to the US for another exciting conference. Blogging opportunities and material may be limited but I’m hoping to taste the delights of the St. Louis MetroLink and there’s always that perennial source of disgruntlement, the international flight. So keep checking in for more traveller’s tales; normal commuting service will resume in a week or so.

* Either that or I didn’t check the date properly before booking the flight. You decide.


4 responses to “Meet me in St. Louis

  1. I hope that the flights are good, especially tomorrows being on such an inauspicious date. Have a good time and I look forward to some interesting off topic entries either whilst you’re there or on your return.

  2. I’m hoping everyone else is superstitious so I get a nice empty flight … you never know, it could happen

  3. Are terrorists superstitious? Just as well I read your blog as I had no idea you were going anywhere. You must have sensed that there is more painting to be done round here. Fear not, I sowed the lawn myself. 😀

  4. hmm well if you never write or phone or email how am I supposed to tell you anything?

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