The Difference a Second Makes

(with apologies to one C. Dickens)

Go out the front door, check you have your keys, close the door, go to unlock your bike – result happiness.

Go out the front door, close the door, go to unlock your bike and only then check you have your keys – result misery.

Fortunately for me, the other half was still in the house so I was able to rouse him from his bed (some people don’t have to commute at all, the bastards) and retrieve my keys without too much delay. The last time this happened I had nothing with me – no keys, wallet, money, travelcard or phone – and I had to go round to a friendly neighbour (this was when we lived outside London, can you tell?) and she lent me twenty quid so I could at least get to work. That would not be an option round here. The last time someone came round claiming to be a neighbour in need of an emergency loan, I never saw her or my money again …*

 * Yes all right, I’m a sucker. It was only a quid.


4 responses to “The Difference a Second Makes

  1. We’ve probably all done that at one time or another!

    I’ve also got out of a car on the passenger side, locked the door then realised that the keys were still in the ignition! Luckily that was at home so a spare key was to hand.

  2. That reminds me of how we had to break into our own car on the Mozambique border once … but that’s a long story…

  3. I’d rather be a sucker than not give the benefit of the doubt.

  4. yes, that’s generally my thinking. It’s proving expensive though

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