So there I was on a grey, dreich, drear, damp, Christ-is-it-only Tuesday evening, holding my breath in the Vauxhall underpass, trying to fit my lights to my bike for the first time since April.

Only to discover that some humourist has carefully removed both of the little light brackets – front and rear – at some time during the long, hot, lovely summer.

Bastards. Where am I supposed to buy just the brackets? I hate this time of the year.


9 responses to “WTF

  1. i think this is a lil vicious cycle here, imagine someone else had the same problem a while ago and couldnt figure out where to get those lil breaks from so he thought it would be easiest to rob them off an innocent bike such as yours, now if you cant buy them, i guess you’ll have to do the same, which you probably wont, but lets just assume you would, then someone else would be in your place and he’ll do the same, i guess i know where i’m going.

    Did i make sense ?

    I guess i didnt.

  2. No, it makes sense… You would hope that cyclists would draw the line from robbing off a fellow sufferer but you can’t trust anyone these days

  3. I’d never come across the word ‘dreich’ until August. I did a BookBuffs entry ‘I wonder why they do it?’ about it on Thursday 17 August.

  4. The scots have all the good words for miserable weather – can’t think why …

  5. Check eBay – you’ll probably find some ‘resourceful’ little thief flogging you back the exact same ones (s)he’s just pinched off your bike. But if my experience is anything to go by, no two brackets are ever the same. I don’t subscribe to the vicious circle theory, although I did wonder once if that was why my car aerial went astray.

  6. I had a similar thing happen at my stsation the other night… Only the yoofs managed to steal the whole bike. A 350 mountain bike thing…It appears that when my station was refurbed recently, they only used size 10 screws and a couple of those plug things to screw the cycle rack in to the flor. Simple for the yoofs – wobble the rack – lift it out the ground and slip of lock and chain.

    As for stealing the light brackets – some one stole my sadle once, but left the post it goes on to – not the most comfortable ride home…

  7. My other half had his saddle bag repair kit pinched off his bike in our back garden when we lived in Chesterfield. The scrote concerned didn’t think much of his emergency cereal bar though and left it behind. They also stole the bolts and screws from the derailleur as well, which baffled us.

    I think they trying to take the back wheel off to steal the frame, but failed to notice the quick release.

  8. James – apparently Cat’s Eye brackets can be bought separately (assuming that they still do the relevant fitting)

    TubeDude – that’s appalling. Did the cyclist sue?

    Sarah – was the cereal bar left perched on the saddle? I’m not sure I’d be inclined to eat it after that …

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