Lost in the Post

I’d like to start by apologising to anyone who was trying to travel on the early Hounslow train this morning. I slept in, you see – not by a great deal, just fifteen minutes or so, but enough to make it a toss up between proceeding with my normal getting up routine and catching the later train, or hurrying to catch the early one. I had forgotten, as I dashed out of the house and cycled to the station at twice my normal speed, that the gods reserve a special fate for the rushed-for train. I was, I suppose, fortunate, that the train was only fifteen minutes late and not cancelled, blown up or abducted by aliens…

But that wasn’t what I wanted to blog about today. I wanted to blog about our postman, who appears to have disappeared, if you see what I mean. His little post trolley is still here, chained to a lamp post on the corner of our street. I saw it there on Saturday morning and it remained there all through the weekend, was still there when I cycled off to the station this morning and is still there – intact but looking a little damp – when I returned just now. Presumably it still has our post in it – we’ve had none all weekend. It could be he just got lucky but that would have to be one hell of a bored housewife to keep him occupied for three days. Or maybe it’s just another postie’s valiant struggle against the tide of junk mail* …

*speaking of which, I promised James from Catching the Rain I’d mention his one-man campaign to spam the post office into submission on the subject. Go on and do your worst. I bet they don’t read those emails anyway. Always assuming they’re ever delivered.


5 responses to “Lost in the Post

  1. That seems very odd! Are you going to report it, either to the Post Office or the police?

    It reminds me of a book some years ago called The Missing Postman if I remember correctly.

    Have a good week.

  2. As an ex-post master of a very small rural on your kitchen table (Mondays and Thursdays only) post office let me assure you you can’t spam the PO into submission. What you can do is to get your friends to write to you with incorrect postage (1p max)and you do the same to them (with empty envelopes) The PO bureaucracy goes beserk delivering those nasty little cards ordering you to attend the nearest sorting office to pay excess postage-a fine for ignorance plus the full postage payable-otherwise you won’t get your letter-but you don’t want your letter and they really can’t get their heads around that. Six weeks later they run out of reminders and start boycotting you-thus no more spam. Simple innit?

  3. They boycot you on actual letters too, I suppose, Huttonian?

  4. Flighty – I probably should.

    Huttonian & Oink – given the ratio of junk to real mail we get this may be a price worth paying …

  5. OK – update – after much shouting at the computer I have managed to send an email via the Royal Mail website. I don’t know how James managed to get hold of an address for them – they don’t exactly make it easy for you to contact them …

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