Dirty Stopout Part Two

I’m worried about my bike. I forgot I had a social engagement on Thursday night and cycled into the station as usual leaving it locked up in Vauxhall underpass. It’s done the odd night away from home before and survived, including one memorable occasion when I left it unlocked outside Ealing Broadway station during the great fuel crisis and only realised in the morning when I came to pack up my bike bag and found my lock was still in it. The fact that my bike was still there where I left it probably tells you all you need to know about the relative desirability of my bike. But then Friday night I inexplicably had another social engagement (and the fact that this is noteworthy probably tells you all you need to know about the relative desirability of me and my other half as dinner guests, but there you go) and didn’t get home till gone midnight leaving the bike out there in the wilds for not one but two nights. In Ealing, all I had to worry about was whether my bike was stolen or not and parking it up next to a much shinier bike was generally enough to give me some sort of sense of security. But at Vauxhall they don’t nick the bikes so much as strip them down. There was one bike recently that lost a wheel during the day but was still otherwise intact. By the next day, though, it was nothing but a frame. And it’s been chained there ever since to act as a Dreadful Warning to other bike owners about what happens if you neglect your poor machine for more than 12 hours. But clearly – for me at least – not Dreadful enough.

Off to fetch it now. Or its sorry carcass…


6 responses to “Dirty Stopout Part Two

  1. So, has your bike been forced into prostitution?

  2. It’s obviously done something to protect itself because it was intact when I went to get it. I’m guessing it’s been hanging out with the other tougher bikes, trying to act cool and smoking cigarettes and pretending to inhale.

  3. Either that or it’s just too ugly for such a profession?

    (no offence obviously!)

  4. It’s definitely seen better days …

  5. so glad to hear that your bike was all in one piece, bet it was glad to see you too.

    We tend to se the aftermarth of various bike knappings up this end for the line, and sometimes get the odd stray… is there at batersea for bikes?

  6. Not so much a home, but you can send them to Africa – see details on re-cycle here

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