The Gloves are On

Ok, so when was it people started wearing those surgical gloves to do absolutely everything? I can see why whenever you’re doing any sort of healthcare procedure to someone else, however minor, that you have to snap on a pair of rubber gloves – if not to protect yourself from any nasties they might have then at least to protect them from any nasties of yours. And when picking up litter or anything else on the streets these days you need gloves just because of the yuck factor, although if it were me (and thank God it’s not) I’d want more than a thin skin of latex between me and whatever it was I was picking up. But when fixing a traffic light? There I was on the bus this evening, on the prime front seat at the top, having consumed enough red wine to sink a ship or launch a book (whichever is the greater) when I saw a guy on top of a ladder doing what amounted to open heart surgery on a pelican light (it was still on) – in a pair of rubber gloves*. Why? What exactly was he protecting himself from by wearing them? Surely something that thin won’t act as insulation against the electricity? Or was he worried the traffic light might have been contaminated by extremely tall ill people?

Nope, it’s a mystery. Answers to the usual address, please.

*And other clothes as well, obviously. This is a family blog.


10 responses to “The Gloves are On

  1. I know. 47 people are killed crossing the road each year because of grubby fingerprints on pelican lights.

  2. To keep their hands clean!

  3. Now look, stop being stupid… I know its friday but.

    These people have paid a lot of money to have the latest fashion item.

    I understand that soon they’re going to be a must when traveling on the Underground, so you don’t contaminate our trains…a bit liekthe news report that stated basically that one must now sneeze, cough or sniff on the tubes, as it might alarm people in to thinking that you have bird flu.

    Quiet planely… it’s the silly season again, must be the build upt o Christmas.

    BTW, I use those little gloves at work, when counting cash, esp.coins.

  4. Dr Tripswitch – there is a terrible pun there about bird flu just waiting to happen

    Flighty – yeeees but I can’t see that the inside of a traffic light is going to be any dirtier than the rest of London. Unless he wears them all the time?

    TubeDude – to make them easier to count? Or keep the germs at bay? And I thought we were all going to be made to travel with a handkerchief from now on, but I suppose the gloves are a logical next step…

  5. Oh that’s an easy one. It’s the compensation culture, you see – it wasn’t me that caused an accident by not fixing the lights properly . See? No fingerprints!

  6. Grunt … I think that may be the answer.

  7. We took surgical gloves up on the glacier in Norway – in case we needed to mend the petrol stove – as swarfega is hard to come by up there.

  8. OK, I’ll bite. What were you doing up a glacier with a stove? Was this some sort of variant on extreme ironing?

  9. We were camping on the glacier in order to reach the bigger mountains. No ironing was involved. Or washing for that matter.

    Isn’t that how everyone spends their summer holidays? Camping on glaciers with 50 Scouts?

  10. Just to keep his hands clean-traffic lights are dirty!

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