PC Plod Revisited

Well, it looks as though the local police have abandoned their plan of patrolling the footpaths of the park by driving round them in their panda car. Instead they’ve parked a whole whacking great panda lorry there. It looks as though it’s supposed to be some sort of mobile police station – complete with entrance door and canopy and motivational slogan (‘Working towards a safer London’, I think – I tried peering across the park this evening to get the exact wording and nearly fell off my bike so in the interests of a safer Vauxhall I decided not to bother). But no police. At least no visible police – none in the park, and none apparent in the lorry either. It’s been there for at least a week, morning and evening and no sign of life at all whenever I have passed it. If they’re outreaching then they’re not reaching out to the part of their population that commutes elsewhere to work. The alternative of course is that the lorry has simply been nicked and abandoned there.

If so, and if there are any Lambeth police reading this, wondering where their lorry has gone, it’s here


7 responses to “PC Plod Revisited

  1. Perhaps they’re all inside it drinking tea, eating biscuits and observing everyone outside via CCTVs and the like.

  2. yeah … policing today

  3. Have you ever wondered about your Oyster Cards…tracking your evey move on the public transport system…?

  4. constantly … it’s pretty creepy when you think about it. Fortunately I now have 3

  5. I bet if you knocked on the door, it would be just like the police station in Flann O’Brien’s The Third Policeman: a sort of control station for the infernal machine.

  6. Or possibly it would just be full of hundreds of pairs of trousers?

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