Lighten Up

Bah, I hate this time of the year. Both this morning and this evening as I cycled to and from the station, London was under a heavy cloud (Stratocumulus stratiformus according to today’s handy Guardian cloud identification chart) and the weather was murky enough to remind me to check the batteries in my bike lights and get used to the idea of going back to cycling in the dark. It’s not quite there yet, but it won’t be long and the cars are already beginning to switch their headlights on. We have nothing to look forward to but gloom and doom and leaves on the line. Roll on the Winter solstice. For after that, at least things can only get better … at least until they start to get worse again.

 Wake me up when it’s spring …


6 responses to “Lighten Up

  1. I don’t mind it, yet. I think that if I was cycling morning and evening like you it would be a different story!

    What do mean nothing to look forward to? What about certain festivities at the end of the year!.

    On reflection hibernating until spring sounds a much better idea!

  2. I’m not sure one day spent eating turkey and drinking too much really compensates for getting up in the dark and getting home in the dark.

    I think the moomintrolls used to hibernate but wake up for Christmas and then go back to sleep. That would do me …

  3. Had my lights on my bike for a week now up here in the far dark north. I’ve also decided a bright yellow jacket is a necessity as the autumn closes in. Even though it isn’t going dark too early just yet, the har (sea fog) is building up for winter already.

  4. I wear my bright yellow jacket when cycling all year round. It mightn’t make the drivers behave as though they can see me, but it should at least embarrass them if they do knock me off my bike and then claim they ‘didn’t see me’

  5. I have been using a bright blue one. The yellowness is an added precaution. Like you said, it’s harder to claim not to have seen some one who’s fluorescent yellow.

  6. yeah – watch them try though

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